10 Memes That Define 2019

2020 came in HOT with fears of World War III, Australia being entirely on fire, and a potential impeachment of the president rocking our newsfeeds.

Let’s hearken back to the simpler time that was 2019 with these memes and tweets that encapsulate the year.

1. Old Town Road

An openly gay rapper made a hit country song. 2019 AF.

2.  Storming Area 51

Remember when millions of people joined a Facebook event to storm Area 51?

They can’t stop all of us.

3. Keanu Reeves, the internet’s boyfriend

Bored Panda

How did the low-key AF movie star become the internet’s boyfriend? Some call it fate.

4. The guy who was fully prepared to S some D

What’s more amazing than the disaster that was Fyre Festival? Watching this guy from the Netflix documentary about the “festival” talk about how the mastermind behind the fraud, Billy McFarland, asked him to do something real gritty to a Bahamian official to save the dumpster fire that was their music fest.

The way Andy King says he was “fully prepared to suck his d*ck” was a definite mood this year.

5. Woman yelling at cat

This Twitter user put these photos together, and America lost its mind.

6. Mom dancing with kids

Vine’s been dead for years, but the internet resurrected this gem so that it could be memed in all its glory.

7. Baby Yoda

Oh yeah…OK BOOMER happened, too.

8. Hot girl summer

Hot girl summer, originated by Megan Thee Stallion, was not successful for all.

9. Ight imma head out

Know Your Meme

Sometimes life imitates art. But it took until 2019 for society to truly become this Spongebob reaction from an episode that aired in 2001.

10. Marriage Story

Society did a great job of at least trying to compensate for #OscarsSoWhite by memeifying this dramatic scene.

Catie Housman

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