12 Tips to Help Get You Out of a Funk

It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s hard to find a more simple way to put it: We’re living in some weird times. And part of that weirdness includes a greater chance of ending up in a serious funk.

Even people who don’t typically struggle with depression or anxiety might find themselves extra on edge these days. After all, most people aren’t used to staying home and being away from friends and family for this long.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best responses from a recent Reddit thread that all answer a question posed by the user Appelmoos: What was the best thing you ever did for your mental health?

Some answers have been edited for clarity.

Get Those Zzz’s

Better sleep (consistent both in duration and time of day) & staying off my phone. – u/liablediana

Say Yes

Started saying “Yes” more often regarding activities (like, even if they were just joking, it might lead to some unexpected stuff, like deciding to drive to a neighbouring country for breakfast and sightseeing at 4 in the morning because you just finished your Monopoly game and didn’t know what to do next because you still didn’t feel like going to bed). – u/Wurznschnitzer

Know Your Worth

I found myself questioning my self worth and whether or not my ex really, truly loved me. I’ve learned that if I’m constantly questioning where I stand with someone, it’s time to stop standing still and time to start walking away. – u/trvlbugspnner

Care Less

Actively forced myself to stop caring what everyone else thought/said about me.

Took a bit, but once I got to that point now I live for me and have never been this happy before. It ended my depression, and jumpstarted my life so much. Now I have a great job, my own house, the best dog, and am in an amazing relationship.

All that self loathing was ruining my life; never realized how true “You are your own worst enemy” really is. – /thewhorse

Let Go if It Doesn’t Serve You

Quit social media then quit drinking. – u/jax04

Work Out

Working out consistently. Has been the best thing for my mental health. Gives me perspective and helps manage my anxiety. – u/Manatee_Soup

Don’t Go It Alone

Seeking help was the hardest thing I did but the best thing by far. – u/Gr0und0ne

No Caption Needed

Eat ice cream. – u/NonrepresentativePas

Don’t Stay Stuck

Found a new job. The previous job was a cess-pool of drama and stress. I switched to another company and everything was immediately better. – u/Luckyboy28

Say Thanks

Expressing gratitude. I started being thankful for [what] I have in this moment. It grew on me. – u/seekdiscomfort97

Make Yourself Proud

Get a hobby… and keep doing it until you get good at it. Doesn’t matter what it is; just know that there is something that you’re good at. – u/Normski76

Make New Friends

Over the last two years or so I became friends with some animals at my local park. So, every time I go to my usual spot and bring some stuff to feed them. They just casually come up to me and eat away, or the ducks try to groom my jeans or something. It really helped me to relax and fight my social anxiety and depression. – u/Cronosos1

Catie Housman

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