3 Ways Plants Help With Depression

Plants, flowers, and nature in general have long been known to make us feel better. But did you know you can get some of those natural benefits when you’re stuck inside?

Winter can feel especially claustrophobic for people who love to be outdoors. Even if you’re not into spending too much time outside, it’s not fun when, on the rare times you do want to go out, it’s too cold.

That’s why now is the perfect time to invest in indoor plants for your home, office, or any other interior space. Read on for 3 ways that indoor plants can make you happier!

Nature: The Original Anti-Anxiety Medicine

Being in nature is fundamentally relaxing, and indoor plants are a fantastic way to feel more connected with nature even when you’re inside all day.

Humans didn’t evolve to be in buildings all the time, shielded from the sun’s rays and stomping our feet against concrete and hardwood. Our view of the vast sky above us is obstructed by rooftops, and our contact with most types of plants and animals is negligible. We need shelter, but sometimes we forget the limitations that modern living brings.

We breathe air that’s been recirculated, and we gaze upon electronic screens for hours at a time. We sit in chairs for far too long. We don’t get to see or hear the buzzing of the natural world for most of the day. A few plants here and there will remind you of the beauty of nature. Take a deep breath of plant-filtered air!

The Healing Powers of Plants

It’s been shown that plants placed in hospital recovery rooms help patients heal more quickly.

Plants in the office will make people call in sick less often because they improve indoor air quality. They also relax people, so blood pressure is lower, stress is reduced, and immune systems grow stronger.

Our minds and our bodies are intrinsically connected. This is why we feel better when we’re looking at things that we find beautiful. A picturesque flower bed is going to make us feel better than a view of a barren parking lot or a dumpster.

Indoor Plants Are a Natural Barrier

Having plants around provides more insulation against noise from cars, planes, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, construction, and all the other hustle and bustle of life. Strategically placing plants near windows can help reduce noise and insulate your space in a cozy, private way.

Catie Housman

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