8 Things People Do to Care for Their Mental Health

Today, we’ve gathered some tips from Reddit users over on Ask Reddit that have struggled with mental health issues. Expert tips are helpful, but sometimes it’s nice to get advice from peers who are just like us.

Here are some of the best tips Reddit has to offer regarding taking care of your mental health.


Go. To. A. Therapist.

It’s not weak, it’s not cowardly. Humans are built on asking help and community. Do not isolate yourself and if you need meds to function, take them! Don’t let people tell you that it’s bad to take meds, if you need meds to be okay, that’s okay!

— SomeAxolotl42


Give yourself breathing room from things. Schooling, work, projects, and numerous other large/scheduled things should be take with a healthy dosage of space to not overwork yourself.

Here is one that aids me in essentially endless ways: Don’t let things anger you. Try to let things pass by you, and when somethings agitates you, try giving yourself space, breathing, drinking water, and most things akin to these tips.

— Entry-741021

Don’t Give Up

A story I found on tumblr taught me that if you give up now, you’ll never find out what could happen in the future. You could do amazing things, you could achieve your goals but there’s no way you can if you’re not around anymore. You have to be alive.

— Antillyyy

Sleep and Sun

Sleep and sunlight does wonders, though doesn’t solve 100% of mental health problems.

— Holly525

Say Goodbye to Toxicity

Cut out toxic people. Doesn’t matter if they are friends or family. A family member doesn’t get a pass to sh*t all over you because you share some DNA.

— bluebayou19

Double Standards

Treat it as important as your physical health. You don’t get angry at yourself for having a cold; give yourself some slack when you’re having a bad mental health day. Take the day off when you need it.

— callingsarah

Find Your Calm

Running without headphones in the early morning. It’s just you and an alternate world that makes everything seem… okay & peaceful.

— biggiebag

You’re Not Weak

Don’t think that if you are prescribed medicine for your mental health, it makes you weak. If you are prescribed medicine, if it isn’t working in the appropriate amount time, see your doctor to get on the correct dosage or change brands.

I fought getting meds for years. Once I was on the better dosage for me, I was able to live life again. I fought talking to a therapist for over a decade. I recently started seeing a therapist last Nov. And the diagnosis was shocking. Now, I’m making strides to heal my traumas and get to a point where I’m nicer to myself.

If you are struggling with something, talk to someone. Call the suicide hotline. You may feel like you don’t matter but that’s a final solution to temporary problems.

— nytshaed512

Catie Housman

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